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Note: development on this project has ended in 2005.

You should probably move on to maintained tools like caff.

The mailinglists listed below no longer exist, however the archives are still around.

Thanks for being a user while it lasted,

Peter Palfrader, October 2007


CABot is a set of scripts that help managing some parts of a PGP keysigning process. It sends encrypted challenges to UIDs of an OpenPGP key, analyses the replies and assists the key owner in signing them.

It is based on prior work by Ian Jackson. It is written by Joost van Baal, Laurent Fousse, and Peter Palfrader.

You can find released tarballs on the File Release Section on Alioth or Debian packages in the archive

If you're interested in accessing the development tree, just checkout cabot via Subversion:

svn co svn:// cabot
or, if you want to browse it then visit svn on the web.

Feedback should be sent to the cabot-devel mailinglist.



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